South-Western Cheddar Mac & Freak Reviewed

Freak Flag Organics Mac & Cheese

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A while back I got a free sample of Freak Flag Organic’s South-Western Cheddar Mac & Freak. Free is a great way to get me to try new foods, so last night I cooked it up and today you are getting my review of Freak Flag Organic’s South-Western Cheddar Mac & Freak

The big claim to fame for the Freak Flag products is that they are healthier for you, at least in the non-GMO, and no artificial preservatives department. I can get behind that thought, as long as the products taste decent at the same time.

Their Mac & Freak assembles pretty much like any other boxed macaroni & cheese. Boil the noodles, drain, add the dry sauce packet, stir, add in some milk and butter, and stir some more. Nothing fancy there.

How Does The South-Western Cheddar Mac & Freak Taste?

Before I could even taste it, I could tell that the South-Western Cheddar Mac & Freak is heavy on what smells like chipotle seasoning. That was apparent when I was mixing it up.

Tasting the Mac & Freak, I was a bit confused. I got a strong smell of Paprika and Chipotle, but not much flavor. This lack of flavor is a sentiment shared by a lot of other online reviews. It does have a slight heat to it but not overpowering.

Some people commented that it is too salty, but I didn’t get that at all. If anything it needs something to bring the flavor up. It also lacked a whole lot of the cheesiness I was expecting.

Final Review of Freak Flag Organic’s South-Western Cheddar Mac & Freak

Personally, I would give the Freak Flag Organics South-Western Cheddar Mac & Freak a thumbs down. The ingredients are good, but the flavor just wasn’t there for me. That being said, I had Allyson give it a try and she liked it, despite not being into spicy foods.

Online reviews were also pretty split, with most people either really loving it or hating it. Those that didn’t like it, usually said that it wasn’t bad after they doctored it up a little.

I definitely would be interested in trying the other Freak Flag macaroni and cheese products at some time, but the South-Western Cheddar Mac & Freak I’ll pass on.

Where Can You Buy Freak Flag Organics Mac & Cheese

If you are wanting to try some of Freak Flag’s mac and cheese offerings, here are some of the places where you should be able to find them.

The best price I’ve seen for all the Freak Flag Organics products are at Whole Foods/Amazon, including the South-Western Cheddar Mac & Freak. At my local Fred Meyers they are $3.49 and at Whole Foods they are $2.99 a box.

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