Waterloo Watermelon Sparking Water Tested and Reviewed

Waterlook Watermellon sparking water reviewed

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For the most part, my feelings on sparkling water is that it tastes like battery acid. Not that I’m one to regularly drink battery acid.

That being said, in an effort to cut back on my Pepsi consumption, I picked up some Waterloo Sparkling Waters when they were on sale and gave them a try. My typical complaint with sparkling waters is that they never really taste like the flavor it says on the can. With Waterloo, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Sticking strictly to the Watermellon Waterloo flavor, it is actually good enough for me to drink straight, though I’ll say I like all of their flavors a lot better with one eye-dropper squirt of stevia. BTW my favorite stevia for this is the NatriSweet that I get from Amazon. I buy the big bottle and just keep refilling my little bottles.

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Take a look a the quick video I did reviewing the Waterloo Watermelon Sparkling Water. If you’ve tried it, leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.

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