About This Blog

This blog got started as a side effect of my habit of liking to try new things that I see in the store.

Part food blog, part snack food reviews, and gear unboxing and reviews, my goal with this site and review videos is to enlighten you to the wonderous things I find, along with the downright horrible ones as well. Maybe along the way you get a few laughs in as a bonus.

Do I make money with this blog?

It would be nice and I do get some revenue if someone buys something from one of the affiliate links, but it isn’t much and definitely isn’t enough to make me biased in my reviews.

Where do you get the products you review?

Occasionally vendors will send me product to test and review, but by and large, the items I’m testing out and reviewing I’ve paid for. Most come from the local grocery stores because, as I’ve said before, I have the bad habit of buying things that I think “could be really awesome or really horrible!”