August 2022

Pace Avocado Salsa Reviewed

Avocado salsa isn’t my normal dip for chips, but it was on the shelf and I hadn’t tried it, so I picked some up and wrote a review of it!

Pace Avocado Salsa

UCO Flatpack Grill Review

Looking for a small, portable firepit or BBQ grill? The UCO Flatpack Grill is one good option. Check out my full review of it here!

The UCO flat pack grill for camping

Tzatziki Triscuit Review

So many flavors of Triscuit, what does the Tzatziki Triscuit taste like? I got bold and gave them a shot. Here is my review!

Tzatziki Triscuits

ACE Mango Cider Review

I like trying new flavors of cider, and ACE has some good flavors, so I had to give the ACE Mango Cider a try and write a review.

ACE Mango Cider Review

Leinenkugel Berry Weiss Review

Looking for a light, summer beer with a great berry flavor? Then you should check out my review of Leinenkugel Berry Weiss a great summer shandy!

Leinenkugel Berry Weiss review

Review of Hostess Chocolate Twinkie

Hostess releases Spooky Twinkies for Halloween, but what do they taste like? Are they good or just a gimmick? Here is my review of Spooky Twinkies.

Hostess Chocolate Twinkies