UCO Flatpack Grill Review

The UCO flat pack grill for camping

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A long while back I got one of the UCO Flatpack Grills in a Cairn box. I’ve used it several times and tried them out with both wood and charcoal.

As a portable fire pit, it does a good job for its size. At about a foot long and 10″ wide, it isn’t that big, and even with a sizable fire going, won’t put out the heat of a real fire. They do make a larger size UCO Fire Pit if you need a bigger grill/fire.

As a fire pit it also suffers from a common problem, lack of airflow. So if you want a good fire, make sure you keep it good and hot, otherwise, it will be a little on the smokey side.

Does It Get Hot Under a UCO Flatpack Fire Pit?

One thing I was concerned about was if it would get hot under the UCO fire pit. I’ve often used it on a countertop. Even though there is only a few inches of space under the fire pit, I’ve never seen the surface go up more than a few degrees.

Grilling in a UCO Fire Pit

About half the time I’ve used my UCO is as a small charcoal grill. What I would say is that it does the job, as long as you aren’t cooking a whole lot. I can get about one really good ribeye on mine, and I’d say it about right for two hamburgers. The trick I’ve found is to really load it up with charcoal to get the heat up. Then it cooks pretty decently.

Would I Take the UCO Fire Pit Camping?

If I was backpacking in, the UCO is too heavy to carry in anywhere. If I was car camping, then the UCO would make a good, small grill to take with you if you are cooking for two people. The advantage I see to it is that you can cook on it, then pull the grill off and throw some wood on it to turn it into a cute little fire pit while you eat.

Should You Get a UCO Fire Pit?

If you need a small to medium grill/fire pit that packs flat and aren’t concerned about weight then the UCO Flatpack Fire Pit is a good choice. Mine has held up well even with some pretty good heat in it and is several years old now.

Here is my video review of the UCO Flatpack Fire Pit

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