ACE Mango Cider Review

ACE Mango Cider Review

I had to do a review of ACE Mango Cider for pretty much the same reason as I had to try the Leinenkugel Berry Weiss. I’ve always liked the ACE Pineapple Cide, so seeing the ACE Mango, I had to try it.

For a description of what the ACE Mango Cider is I’ll defer to their website: Is a blend of fresh Mango Juices and a tart, Semi-Dry Apple Cider. The best-tasting Mangoes are grown near the equator in hot and humid climates, so we went straight to the source: Ecuador! You are tasting an important piece of ACE’s Exotic Fruit Cider range. Enjoy!

For me, the ACE Mango Cider doesn’t live up to other of ACE’s cider offerings. I don’t feel like the mango flavors really come through and it tastes a bit flat for me. There is none of the sharpness of a dry cider, and not much in the way of sweetness.

I’ll keep drinking their Pineapple cider and give some of their other flavors a try, but the ACE Mango Cider, I’ll pass on it next time.

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