Ciderboys Imperial Peach Cider Reviewed

ciderboys imperial peach hard cider

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Ciderboys Hard Cider turns out some good cider so when I saw their Imperial Peach Hard Cider, I had to give it a shot.

I have been working my way through all of their ciders and for the most part I’ve been pretty happy with them. This fruit cider is right in the brackets for me as well.

The Ciderboys website describes their Imperial Peach Hard Cider like this: “Ciderboys Imperial balances delicious apples and succulent peach with a little something extra.”

That something extra is the extra 2% of alcohol

I’m not a fan of bitter ciders any more than I am of IPAs. Imperial Peach walks that line right between being sweet and bitter quite nicely.

As for the peach flavor, it is fairly subtle and comes through on the back end.

My Final Review Of Imperial Peach

All in all, Ciderboys Imperial Peach is a very drinkable, nicely balanced apple cider that is perfect on a hot summer day. That is also when you need to grab some, as this is a seasonal release, typically available March through August.

If you like a balanced cider, then grab some Imperial Peach Hard Cider if you see some in the store. it is definitely a refreshing drink for warm summer afternoons.

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