Sheets Laundry Club – Laundry Strips Review

Sheets Laundry Club - Laundry Sheets Dissolvable Laundry Detergent

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Laundry soap sheets like the ones from Sheets Laundry Club revolutionized the laundry detergent market when they first appeared.

I wouldn’t say I’m one of the must-try all the bleeding edge products, but I will try new things that look like a good idea. Dissolvable detergent sheets are one of those new ideas.

Why Use Laundry Detergent Sheets

If you are reading this, I likely don’t need to sell you on the idea of laundry detergent sheets, but if you are on the fence, here are some points as to why they rock:

  • Convenience: They are pre-measured, lightweight and take up minimal space, making them ideal for travel or small living spaces. No more lugging around heavy jugs of detergent!
  • Eco-friendly: Their packaging is typically plastic-free and biodegradable, reducing your environmental impact. They also tend to be formulated with plant-based ingredients and are often free of harsh chemicals.
  • Easy to Use: Just toss a sheet in with your laundry and you’re good to go! No measuring or mess required.
  • Precise Dosing: No more worrying about over- or under-dosing detergent, which can lead to issues like residue on clothes or poor cleaning.

Less Risk of Overusing Laundry Detergent

Despite what some people might think, too much soap can actually be a bad thing for your clothes!

Think about it like taking a shower. If you use way too much soap, it gets all sudsy and takes forever to rinse off, right? Same with laundry detergent. Extra suds can stick to your clothes, making them feel stiff and kind of yucky.

This can even make them itchy for some people. Plus, all that leftover soap can trap dirt and make your clothes look dull over time. A little bit of detergent goes a long way!

The problem with liquid soaps is that it is very easy to put too much detergent into the wash, especially with the newer concentrated soaps. If you are using detergent pods, there is no way to vary the amount you use, so a small load get the same amount of soap a bigger load will get. If you are using a detergent sheet, you can just tear it in half to do a small load or two if for some reason you are doing a large, extra dirty one.

Sheets Laundry Club – Detergent Review

My Review of Sheets Laundry Club Detergent

When I ran out of my last detergent sheets, I figured I’d try them out. My big requirements when I went searching was a company that was mad in the USA if possible, and wouldn’t irritate my skin. I’m about a rough and durable as it gets, but for some reason, the cheap fabric detergents irritate my skin and sinuses.

Also high on my list is eco-friendly packaging. I don’t like buying liquid laundry detergent because I’m opposed to shipping all that liquid all over the planet, and the amount of plastic containers liquid laundry soap generates.

Are Sheets Laundry Club Detergent Made In The USA?

This one I had to compromise on a little bit. Their website states that many of their products are made in the the USA, but their detergent strips aren’t. They are however a Veteran owned company, so I’m counting that as balancing things out a little bit.

Cost Comparison of Sheets Laundry Club Detergent Strips

Of course, we all need to be aware of what our products are costing us. With that in mind, here is a breakdown of some comparable products and what they cost per load based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

DetergentCostLoads Per Cost per Load
Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Unscented Liquid Laundry Detergent$15.99170$0.09
Tide Free & Gentle Unscented Liquid Laundry Detergent$20.99100$0.21
Tide Pods Free & Gentle Unscented Laundry Detergent Pods$27.99112$0.25
all® free clear Original Unscented Liquid Laundry Detergent$19.99108$0.19
Sheets Laundry Club Detergent Sheets$16.7350$0.34
Arm & Hammer Power Sheets Laundry Detergent$14.9950$0.30
The Clean People Laundry Detergent Sheets$12.4932$0.39

Obviously, if you are really trying to save money, the old school liquid detergent is the way to go. For me though, the extra quarter it costs me to use a product that is not packed in plastic, and didn’t require shipping all that water weight, makes it worth the extra cost.

Is the Sheets Laundry Club Detergent Packaging Recyclable?

I haven’t seen anything specifically stating it on the packaging, but the container is paper and I’m pretty sure that it is recyclable or you could even compost it if you shredded it up.

How Do These Laundry Strips Smell?

Honestly, I mistakenly bought their Fresh Linen scent and was considering returning it to get their Free & Clear (which is what I usually go for) but thought I’d give them a try. Honestly, they don’t smell like much, even to my sensitive nose. They also are not irritating my skin, so that is a win. They actually have a FAQ on their page that talks about this:

Well… first, let’s make it clear that a “clean” smell doesn’t mean something is actually clean. You can saturate the shirt you take off tonight with perfume or cologne, and it will probably smell good, but that doesn’t mean it’s clean.

Even though our Fresh Linen sheets are lightly fragranced, your clothes will come out of a wash cycle with little or no fragrance. Here’s why – as part of our patent and proprietary technology, our sheet is completely water soluble, down to the molecule, and as a result, your clothing completely absorbs our detergent, but it also completely rinses out during the rinse cycle, along with all the dirt and dead skin cells.

When your clothes come out with a fragrance, that means the chemicals and toxins in popular detergents, as well as the dirt and grime didn’t completely rinse out of your clothes. As a result, you wind up wearing those chemicals and toxins around all day. With our detergent sheets, you get clean clothes with nothing left behind.

My Final Review Of These Laundry Strips

After a month of using them, I’d say that I am pretty happy with these laundry sheets. My clothes come out nice and clean, and while I’m not a particularly messy person, the few stains I get seem to come out without an issue. I like that they don’t smell like detergent after they are washed and that they don’t leave a residue that irritates my skin.

I’m using a tiny washer, so I’m using a half sheet per load, and I expect this box will last me a good long time. The last dissolvable laundry sheets I used were Earth Breeze Eco Sheets and they work easily as good as those.

Will I buy these laundry sheets again? I may look for one that is completely manufactured in the USA, but for the most part I’m happy enough with them to keep using them for now.

Where Can You Buy Sheets Laundry Club Laundry Sheets?

There are two ways to buy Sheets Laundry Club detergent sheets. The first is to go to their website and buy them direct. Alternatively, they have their products on Amazon where they are actually cheaper than on their website. Oddly enough, looking at their ‘store finder’ it appears that at least in my area, they are also available at Lowes stores.

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