Papa Murphy's Outlaw Pizza Review

Papa Murphy’s Outlaw Pizza Tasted and Reviewed

Admittedly, I’m a fan of Papa Murphy’s which really does not mesh well with my overall fitness goals, but balance in all things rights?

When they announced the were doing a limited time run on their Outlaw Pizza I had to give it a try. Normally I’m a family size cowboy sort of guy, but one shouldn’t get in too deep of a rut with their food choices, right?

As for what is on an Outlaw pizza, here is the description straight from the Frito Lay website:

Made with a crispy thin crust, creamy garlic sauce, whole milk mozzarella, Texas brisket, onion mix, sweet BBQ sauce drizzle, and topped with crunchy Fritos, the Fritos Outlaw Pizza is a staple dish for any summertime BBQ.

Frito Lay Outlaw Pizza

Watch the video below for all my thoughts on the Outlaw Pizza. I mean I’m still a Cowboy fan, but I’ll say that I was a fan while it lasted.

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