Celebrity Double Cream Amarena Cherry Goat Cheese Reviewed

Celebrity double cream amarena cherry goat cheese

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What does the Celebrity brand Double Cream Amarena Cherry goat cheese taste like?

My first thought when I saw this in the store was “what is an Amarena cherry” which was shortly followed by “what does that taste like”. The obvious answer to at least one of these was to buy a package and give it a try.

What is an Amarena Cherry?

Turning to the internet, I found that the Amarena cherry is a specific variety of sweet cherry grown in portions of Italy, that is cooked and packed in syrup, and is typically used as decorations on desserts or in other foods. Descriptions of their flavor claim that they are a nice balance of tart and sweet. I may have to go get a jar and find out for myself.

Celebrity Double Cream Amarena Cherry Goat Cheese
Celebrity Double Cream Amarena Cherry Goat Cheese

How Does Double Cream Amarena Cherry Goat Cheese Taste?

Goat cheese is generally good, and I’m a fan of goat cheese with fruit in it, but this is possibly the most unique flavor of goat cheese I’ve tried. My best description of this one is that it tastes like a super creamy just slightly cherry flavored ice cream. In a nutshell, Celebrity Double Cream Amarena Cherry goat cheese is absolutely delicious!

I had it on basic cheese, and ate most of the package in one sitting. What sounds really good is to turn it into whipped goat cheese and put it on something. I found this whipped goat cheese recipe and now I want to get another package and find something to put it on.

This is a seasonal variety of Celebrity goat cheese, so you if you find it in the store, be sure to grab some!

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