My review of Angry Orchard Hardcore Dark Cherry Cider

Why Did I Try the Angry Orchard Hardcore Dark Cherry Cider?

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Review of: Angry Orchard Hardcore Dark Cherry Cider

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This review of Angry Orchard Hardcore Dark Cherry cider comes hot on the heels of testing their peach-mango cider and the results were night and day.

The whole ‘Hardcore’ line just indicates that it has 8% ABV compared to their normal 5% or so. Does that add a whole lot? I don’t think so.


My initial thought when I tried this cider is that it is a little bitter right out of the gates, despite being marked down as a semi-sweet cider. Then the ‘cherry’ kicks in and it tastes more like a mad scientist’s chemical version of a cherry than an actual cherry. 

I’m not sure what Angry Orchard was shooting for with this cider, but I feel like they missed pretty hard. 

It can be confidently said that I wouldn’t buy another six-pack of this one, and there are definitely some other Angry Orchard ciders that I’d pick over this one. 

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