York and Reese's Colliders Pudding Reviewed

York Peppermint and Reese’s Colliders Pudding Taste Tested and Reviewed

One of my greatest weaknesses is seeing strange new things in the grocery store, which is how I wound up trying the York Peppermint and Reese’s Colliders Pudding.

Now I thought for sure that the peppermint pudding would be gross as hell and the Reese’s would be awesome. I mean chocolate and peanut butter pudding, that sounds awesome. Mint? Not so much.

Of course I had to get them and give them a try. I was honestly a bit surprised with my taste test results. Check out the video below to see what my final verdict was on these two desserts.

I’m not sure if you can still find these Colliders puddings in your local store, but watch the video and you may want to track some down for yourself.

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