Review of Black Raven Pilsner

black raven pilsner review

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My penchant to trying new things I find in the store isn’t limited to the regular foods. I regularly wander the beer and wine section looking for things I haven’t tried yet.

This is how I came across this Black Raven Pilsner from the Black Raven Brewing Company. An intriguing label and hey, it wasn’t an IPA, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Apparently, their Black Raven Pilsner is an award winner, taking the gold medal at the 2021 NABA in the American Style Standard or Premium Lager division. I of course had no idea of this when I bought it.

You need to watch the video to get all my thoughts, but I’ll summarize and say that the Black Raven Pilsner is very drinkable. If you like non-IPA beers and can find it, I suggest you give it a try.

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