Native Deodorant Review – Do they suck or smell great?

Native Deodorant Reviews Lump of Coal, Fresh Mistletoe, and Wildwood and Cardamom

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Over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, I was shopping and ran across an ad from Native brand and thought to myself that I could try some new deodorant scents.

My first consideration in deodorants

Right off the bat, I have to say that I’m not a fan of deodorants or any chemical that you put on your body every day. This is especially true when it comes to under your armpits, where there is sweat, and skin rubbing on skin and it feels like you are prone to absorbing chemicals there. For this reason, I straight up don’t use antiperspirants. Above and beyond all, research is showing that the aluminum in antiperspirants is linked to breast cancer. I’ll pass on that thanks.

Beyond that, the standard antiperspirants and deodorants have a slew of other chemicals that aren’t good for you. So I do my best to avoid them. Native is on the all-natural track when it comes to deodorants, so they passed that hurdle with me.

How do Native deodorants smell?

Just to test out Native’s deodorants, I got sample size units of their Lump of Coal, Fresh Mistletoe, and Wild Wood & Cardamom.

What I will say about them is that none of them is particularly strong smelling, which is a good thing. There is no driving you out of the room Old Spice scents here.

UPDATE: After using all of these on my pits in real-world trials, I’ll add that my favorite of these three is the Wild Wood, and the Mistletoe still smells pretty mild. The Lump of Coal somehow winds up smelling vaguely of kitty litter. Granted, I’m talking about clean kitty litter, but kitty litter nonetheless. I’ll hard pass on the Lump of Coal.

Both the Mistletoe and Lump of Coal were very mild smelling. The Wild Wood has a slight scent of Pachouli or Sandalwood, but it wasn’t overpowering.

Where can I get Native brand deodorant?

If you want to buy some of Native’s products, you can either jump on their website at

Native deodorant review video

Do Native deodorants keep you from smelling?

This test is still ongoing and I’ll update this page as I work through them. Admittedly, it is currently winter and not the height of the sweaty season. So far I’m liking them. They go on smooth and don’t feel gross, so that is a win.

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